10 April 2020 -
4 May 2020

Big Cow Sports Virtual Run

13th April - 19th April 1st round
20th April - 26th April 2nd round
27th April - 3rd May final round


Run Bike Run
Stampede 5K 15K 2.5K
Calfman 10K 30K 5K
Cowman 15K 50K 5K

NOTE! All disciplines must be done on separate days and completed using the recommended social distancing rules.

Once you have completed ALL legs of the distances please upload your results...don't forget that picture!

To our wonderful Cowman athletes – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you! We know we can’t swim at the moment but we can still bike and run!
So we have come up with a new race just for you and you can enter our virtual Cowman Duathlon for FREE! Get that training in for the real thing later on in  the year! 

We’ve adjusted the distances you would do at the real life event (to make sure we keep within guidelines and that you don’t push yourselves too much).  When we will welcome you back to the Cowman start line we totally expect you to push yourself to the limit once again.

For now though – sign up, complete your run on day 1, bike on day 2 and final run on day 3, (Turbo bike sessions are fine too!), upload your pic proving your efforts, and of course a comedy pic to be in with a chance of a spot prize. We especially like the fancy dress efforts and cow themes!!

Please note that when uploading your results the system will push you to enter times for all 3 legs and a total time. If you have not yet completed your second or third leg, pop in any time for the time being, and update it once you have completed the leg!

How does it all work:...

How to enter_Big Cow Sports

Any questions?