Step 1: Register and enter

Create (or use an existing) profile on Results Base and Enter. You'll need to select your distance and the month or months that you are going to take part in.

Step 2: Tri

Complete your chosen Outlaw Lockdown Triathlon distance, recording your time. Record your data using an activity tracker if you have one (Garmin / Strava etc)

Compete as many times as you like!

Step 3: Upload results

Log back into your results Base profile and find the Ticket for your entry in the My Area menu under Your Tickets.

Use the Enter Results button and complete the times for the SIM Swim, Turbo and Run, plus your overall total time.

Upload any photos and a link to your activity tracker to validate your time


Check out the leaderboard and track your results.

Share your photos with the Outlaw family on Facebook or on Instagram @outlawtriathlon