20 August 2020 -
30 September 2020

Run The World

1st – 30th September

Stage Three - South Asia and Australia


Stage Three begins where Stage Two left off in Saudi Arabia, and loops around Western Asia before heading East all the way through India and Nepal. There, we run past the Taj Mahal before continuing on past some beautiful temples in Myanmar and Thailand. We then head further south down through the Malaysia where the Petronas Towers will greet us in Kuala Lumpur.

After navigating the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali we eventually reach our end goal for Stage Three: Australia. There we'll run through the outback past the sacred Uluru rock before finishing up back in civilisation at Sydney Opera House.

Stage Three has it all and covers some 26,696km, from the pilgrimage site of Mecca in the West, to Sydney Harbour in the East!

Our team tracking map (see below) will be updated regularly so that you can see just how far the ‘Run The World’ team has made it around the route at any given time. As we progress, the landmarks below will light up to mark our achievements as we go. Please note that activity uploads are not instantaneous. Your personal total should update relatively quickly, but the team total (and the live progress map) will only refresh every few hours.

Stage Four begins again in Australia and takes us all the way through China and Russia as we look to finally reach US soil.

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