Shown results are provisional and have thus not yet been verified and approved
Pos.Finish time Participant
5115:26Milan Campion
5115:26Jamie Seddon
5315:30Jack Gregory
5415:33Tom Slattery
5515:35Henry Brocklehurst
5515:35David Hudson
5515:35Joe Hartley
5515:35Andrew Warburton
5915:36Max Costley
6015:37Craig Halsey
6115:39Sebastian Cirillo
6115:39Alex Tovey
6315:40Charlie Sandison
6415:41Marc Geraghty
6415:41Oscar Bell
6615:42Karl Welborn
6715:43Luke Fisher
6815:44Luc Jolly
6915:45Adam Hill
7015:46Adam Millbery
7015:46Adam Plows
7215:49Genevieve Gregson
7315:50Darrel May
7315:50Daniel Bundred
7515:51Elliot Hind
7615:54Craig Palmer
7715:55TP Holden
7715:55Craig Emmerson
7915:56Jenson Connell
8015:57Ben Duncan
8015:57Gary Crush
8215:58William Newcombe
8215:58Peter Miller
8415:59Sam Sutherland
8415:59Mike Burrett
8616:00David Lawrence
8716:01Anthony Hatswell
8716:01Raul Simmons Perez
8916:04Paul Quinton
9016:06Jamie Sales
9016:06Innes Fullerton
9216:08Mark Worringham
9216:08Connor Richardson
9416:13Paul Farmer
9516:15Andrew Grigg
9616:16Andrea Fraquelli
9716:17Matt Cartwright
9716:17Stanley Willis
9916:18David Searle
10016:19Dean Childs

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