Bluebell | Dawn on the Downs Trail Series 2021


Pos.Chip time Participant
145:55Andrew Bowles
249:20katherine lockie
349:26Stephen Eastham
453:16Clare Mckoen
553:34Mike Bransden
654:10Nick Ward
754:25Max Clay
854:27Lucy Robinson
955:09Christopher Tees
1055:22Karen Dixon
1155:31Wesley Adams
1255:34Emma Chivers
1355:38Lyndsey Osland
1455:59David Monk
1556:07matthew Chapman
1656:43Peter Wallis
1757:12Ray Powell
1858:04Matt White
1958:06Andrew Harrold
2058:09Chris Watt
2158:19Darren Dalton
2258:50Beth Pemberton-hill
2359:32Kate Cooper04-0
2459:39Sarah Kiddle
251:00:00Catharine Western
261:00:24Alex Shaw
271:00:39Mark Ewens
281:00:43Steve Collins
291:00:54Verity Cooper
301:00:55Brian Cooper
311:01:01Zeina Clare
321:01:35Caitlin Lloyd
331:01:43Terry Avey
341:02:09John Rapson
351:02:12Daniel Cutler
361:02:21Laura Topping
371:02:36Juliette Somers
381:03:15Amy Pemberton-Hill
391:04:02Rhiannon Clarke
401:04:07Tom Curtis
411:04:33Isabel Dengate
421:05:56Claire Boak
431:05:59Sarah Smith
441:06:05Zoya Panahlo
451:06:27Daniel Hughes
461:07:02Michael Gibbons
471:07:09Andy Mills
481:07:10Alison Lyon
491:07:25Beverly Sheridan
501:07:30Debra Crisp

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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