Bluebell | Dawn on the Downs Trail Series 2021


Pos.Chip time Participant
511:07:39Charlotte Braithwaite
521:07:40David Chase
531:07:43Paul Snowsell
541:07:57Wendy Russell
551:09:27Liz Crockford
561:09:39Hwa-Lon Liu
571:09:59Louisa Campbell
581:10:03Valerie Spence
591:10:05Philly Harris
601:10:31Joanna Shaw
611:10:33Andrew Day
621:10:48Penny Patten
631:10:50Jenny Castle
641:10:56Emma Pigott
651:10:58Claire Taylor
661:11:36Paul Newell
671:11:59Val Brockwell
681:12:26Sharon Carman
691:12:52Karen Wigmore
701:13:06Brigitte Groves
711:13:15Deborah Absalom
721:13:22Caz Botting
731:13:23Louise Bullen
741:13:24Peter Jenkins
751:13:28Catherine Crawford
761:13:32Elena Newell
771:13:36Sharon Fenton
781:13:38David Tees
791:14:02Bridget Anderson
801:14:11Carl Richmond
811:14:13Zoe Smith
821:14:18Virginia King
831:15:06Kelly O'Haire
841:15:15Ann Eke
851:15:17Susanne Hart
861:15:35Harriet Chalmers
871:15:43Victoria Baderman
881:15:52Caroline Bransden
891:16:01Leonie Ranson
901:16:03Mike McHugh
911:16:12Vikki Whitelam
921:16:19Dawn Siddens
931:16:22Christine Marsh
941:16:32Debbie Orme
951:16:34Daniel Martin-Corben
961:17:39Lynsey Dixon
971:18:02Lucille Weinberger
981:18:06Deb Wright
991:18:22Thomas Lance Allen
1001:19:23Rosie Taylor

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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