15 March 2021 -
31 March 2022

Greater Manchester North SixPack Challenge


How does it work?

We’ve created six beautiful and bespoke routes of varying distances that together make up the full 26.2 miles / 42+ kilometres of the MARATHON distance.

Walk, jog or run. It’s up to you. You choose the pace. You choose when to have a go at each route. You decide in which order you walk or run the routes.   

Using state-of-the-art gps mapping technology and turn-by-turn audio navigation science, we’ll keep you on track to achieve your fitness and challenge goals. 

Your entry includes access to all six of these rewarding routes and one very special ‘finish line’ reward. 

What do I get?

  • A fantastic medal
  • Clear, simple instructions for uploading your achievements
  • Access to bespoke route mapping with turn-by-turn audio navigation
  • Chance to see your name on the Challenge leader-board.

A few notes before you go...

  • It is crucial you stick to any social distancing rules and government guidelines that may be in force at the time you undertake any of the routes.
  • Where restrictions apply, you must not travel to complete the SixPack routes.
  • We recommend undertaking the routes at quieter times of the day / week.
  • Please be aware of and be courteous to all other users. You will come across dogs, cyclists and other users. Let’s all share the green space together.
  • Some of the routes will, by necessity, include one or more road crossings. It is essential that you BE AWARE for your own safety at all times and be considerate to other people.
  • Remember you can walk, jog or run each route as many times as you like and re-upload your results.

How do I upload my time?

1) Go back to the entry page (That's here!)
2) Select the tab above that says 'Enter Result'
3) Pop in your time for whichever route you have completed
4) Add in any photos of your journey or a link to your Garmin - please note that when you view your result again later, the link you used will be in the button 'see submitted route'.

Routes and Distances

Underneath The Arches 10K

Clifton Country Park, Clifton

A richly varied, scenic adventure created around woodland and water. Clifton Country Park and Philips Park bookend the route – the latter providing elation and elevation with a panoramic view of the city landscape as your reward. Trail shoes with good grip recommended. And yes, you do go underneath the arches!

Worsley Womble 7K

Worsley Delph

Supremely enjoyable route that will allow you to get into a great rhythm on mainly excellent surfaced trails and paths. Fascinating heritage and first timers will be rewarded by this ‘green corridor’ loop from almost underneath the motorway! The majority of the route is on well surfaced paths and trails, though the short opening woodland section can get muddy and slippery in wet weather. General trainers suitable in summer season but lightly studded trail shoes suggested.

Nip To The Nob 6K

Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton

This little creation packs quite a punch with lakes, rivers, woodland and canal-side paths and trails that weave their way over an area packed with industrial heritage. Wildlife aplenty as we take you out to Nob End. No, really! Carry on running we say. 

Trail shoes definitely recommended on a multi-surface route with some undulations and one gradual incline.   

Nip From The Nook 8K

Daisy Nook Country Park, Failsworth

This SixPack route will give you numerous reasons to be cheerful. There is a peaceful river, a scenic canal, woodlands, industrial heritage and wildflower meadows. Multi-terrain and multi-surface on an ever-changing exploration of some beautiful running and walking terrain of which the nearby drivers on the M60 will be blissfully unaware. Free parking and a great on-site café too!
Trail shoes definitely recommended on a multi-surface route with some undulations and sections which could get muddy and slippery in wet weather.

Stairway To Heaven 5K

Tandle Hill Country Park, Royton

A scenic sortie, a woodland wonder and unquestionably the toughest hill you’ll encounter in this Greater Manchester North SixPack Challenge. But, and without a shadow of doubt, the most magnificent view that will linger long in the memory. It will be hard work getting to the top, but just remember the title of this route!      
Trail shoes definitely recommended at all times of the year.

Born Out Of Medlock 6K


The countryside on your urban doorstep. This sporty little number is very flat and packed full of bite sized points of interest. Clayton Vale, through which the River Medlock flows, is an absolute joy and a peaceful escape from the surrounding concrete chaos. Almost the whole route is on surfaced paths, and although there are a few ‘off-road’ sections, ordinary trainers should suffice. 

Technology and Navigation

Please use this fantastic app to ensure you can follow the full route directly from your phone. Download the app now and join our Greater Manchester North SixPack Challenge to instantly get access to all the routes with full navigation.

iPhone users: https://apps.apple.com/app/rungo-guided-runs-turn-by/id712628644 
Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?hl=en&id=com.rungo 

RunGo is the #1 running app for discovering the best routes in the world with turn-by-turn navigation. Follow a voice guided tour, including the encouraging reminder when you’re halfway there.

RunGo also tracks your runs stats like time, pace, distance, elevation and estimated finish time.
what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. They have assigned each 3m square in the world a unique 3-word address that will never change. 

For example: ‘filled.count.soap’ marks the exact entrance to what3words’ London headquarters.

People use what3words to find their tents at festivals, navigate to B&Bs, and to direct emergency services to the right place.

We have used what3words to share with you the exact start locations for each route. Please download the app – it is great for sharing your location when meeting up with people, but also really useful in emergencies and for navigation. 

iPhone users: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/what3words/id657878530 
Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.what3words.android&hl=en_GB 
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15 March 2021
31 March 2022
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