DSM Keep Challenging Series Fitness Challenge

DSM Keep Challenging Series Fitness Challenge

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How To Record Your Ride Distance

You can ride at any time from 00:01 on Tuesday 15th June up to 23:59 on Monday 21st June and all distances must be recorded on the system by 23:59 on Tuesday 22nd June.

IMPORTANT: all dates and times are those in the UK (UTC + 1) and you will need to adjust for this based on your local time.

Step 1: locate your Ticket

Your Ticket for this challenge is stored in your Results Base profile and you will find it when you log in and look at 'Your tickets' under the My Area menu. If someone else originally entered you into the Challenge Series this will be a new profile for you for this and subsequent challenges. Your login will be your email address and you can use the Forgot Password button to reset the profile's password.

Alternatively, use the direct link on the email you received immediately prior to the start of the challenge.

Your Ticket will look like this:

Record your distance

To manually record your distance select ENTER YOUR RESULT on your Ticket. That will bring up this screen:

This is your summary page for the Challenge, in this case there will only be one ride recorded but in other challenges there may be multiple rides recorded.

At the top right of the page is a button that will take to to the screen where you record your ride distance. Note the the special button on your email will skip straight to the next screen to save you a step.

Input the distance that you covered, provide a link to any online record of your ride (on Strava, MapMyRide, etc) and upload an image to support your effort (eg a screen grab) or just a social image of you out on your bike.

There are additional instructions HERE and there's an FAQ here.