Timing Services

Timing Services

Our timing offering isn't just the chips, we have a whole host of extras to enhance the competitors experience at your events. Below is more information on what we offer - can't see something you need, not to worry get in touch with the team today and we'll see what we can do!

Our state-of-the-art Black Box is a custom-designed RFID timing system that can be tailored to suit your sport. We can even mix tags during an event for optimum results; for example, in a multisport event the cycle laps can be recorded off a helmet tag whilst the main timing is done using ankle tags. The timing systems can be connected directly or can be used at remote split points, sending data wirelessly back to your race headquarters. This means you can have live data all the way through your event, giving you immediate online results.

For smaller events or ones where chip timing isn't an economic option, we have an app-based timing solution called LiveTiming that offers almost all the benefits of chip timing: live results, on-the-day entries, finisher certificates and SMS, etc but at a fraction of the cost. Click here for more information.

Our latest offering is a self-timed timing solution called QRTag Timing that allows participants to run or ride real physical routes but at a time of their own choosing - ideal in the current COVID-19 situation. Click here for more information.

Chip On Bib

Chip On Bib

For all road running and some off-road events, this is our most popular timing solution amongst our clients. For the organiser the bib and chip come as one item so as long as the runner puts the bib on they don't need to worry about the chip. Because we generally supply organisers with the bib as well the organiser gets a great price on the bib numbers as part of the deal but we can attach the chips to bib numbers from another supplier subject to certain constraints.

Our passive timing solution for running and walking events is based on a self-adhesive UHF RFID tag attached to the reverse side of the running bib.

Helmet Tag

For all forms of road and off-road cycle events, the helmet chip completely changed how we time cycling events. The lightweight chip sticks to the rider's helmet and does not come off until the rider removes it after they have finished the event. The chip registers when it passes an antenna mounted at the side of the road. The beauty of this system is safety and reliability, with no mats to ride over the rider has absolutely no contact with the timing system at any point. And, subject to a mobile internet connection, we can locate timing points anywhere on the route to give intermediate splits, hill climbs or sprints.

Multisport Tag

For aquathlon, duathlon and triathlon events plus adventure-style races, the constantly varying conditions of a multisport race mean that it requires a timing chip attached to the athlete rather than to a shoe or a helmet. Our standard multisport chip is fully waterproof and is attached to the athlete's ankle by a soft neoprene and Velcro™ strap.

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