Online Entry

Online Entry

Results Base offer a comprehensive online entry system for our customers. Handling tens of thousands of entries a month, we believe our custom-designed entry system offers the best set of features and services available on the market.

We've designed our system from the ground up, in order to be as versatile, configurable and user friendly as possible. Our competitive pricing makes this a first class service offering for your race or event. And, because it is our system and not some generic shopping cart, we can customise and tailor it to meet your needs if required.

What’s included in our online platform?

It’s fully integrated from entry through timing to results, so that means no downloads, no need to mail merge, no need for emails – hassle free for you!

The Online Entry Form – what does it look like and what can you do?

  • You share your event details, entry questions, branding and copy with our online team and we will get it all transformed into a smart looking, easy-to-use online entry form.
  • You have full control over the text and images (within template limits) of the entry page – so that means for any updates to the page you simply login into your dashboard and edit away.
  • If you are scanning entries on site we can include a barcode for the registration team on the receipt email.
  • Do you have add-ons you’d like to include with your entry form? No problem, the Results Base system allows you to add multiple supplementary pages (event instructions, Ts&Cs, etc). An online shop can be integrated with the event entry process and can also be stand-alone if you wish to share it with competitors or supporters outside the entry process.
  • The shop functionality supports postage and third-party fulfilment options.
  • Implementing different prices based on age – no problem, prices can be modified based on age (eg junior pricing) or by entry volume (x% off if n or more entries on an order).
  • Implementing tiered pricing – we’ve got that covered, simply let us know your dates for different price tiers and we will set it. You can even include all the different pricing stages on the first page of the entry form, encouraging the athletes to enter before the next price tier in introduced.
  • Doing a ‘Black Friday’ promotion? That's just handled by the tiered pricing!
  • Anticipating a busy event or looking to go on pre-sale to your VIPs? You can create ‘Invitation’ links to manage waiting lists (they allow entry to specific event/distance/price and can over-ride ‘sold out’ and/or entry closed).
  • Vouchers support complimentary entry, discount by amount or percentage, fixed price or cash value (eg for prizes). All vouchers are tracked through the entry data for validation and can modify both event entry and/or merchandise.
  • When tracking your marketing campaigns, you can create campaign links - short form URLs to embed in email, print or social media and then monitor how successful your campaigns are.
  • The Results Base system fully supports Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking – great to get those all-important stats on your competitor’s behaviour.
  • Through the portal you have full entry statistics giving you an insight into who your competitors are.

Competitor Communication

  • Keep in touch with your competitors through our email platform, you can include participant data such as name or bib number when sending emails out. Oh, and there's no charge for sending emails...
  • Fantastic email automation functionality gives you chance to send triggered emails to entrants – perfect for up-selling to your competitors.
  • Emails can contain registration and/or voucher code links specific to that person and/or an event/distance/price category.
  • Once a competitor has entered your event, they can then brag about it on Facebook – you can customise your message and make it as captivating as you like!
  • Instagram and Twitter integration are there as well.

The Results

  • Whether your event is being self-timed (LiveTiming by app), is Virtual (timing data provided by participant), uses self-managed timing (organiser manages timing hardware) or we are providing the full chip timing service we are renowned for, our entry system fully supports them all! Your competitor’s results will be uploaded to the results tab on the entry page automatically and instantly – you can even sell them SMS messages that get sent when they cross the finishing line.
  • Predictive tracking for events (multiple timing points are required) and GPS tracking using a participant’s own device (or phone) is a great way for spectators to see their loved one around the course. And, as a bonus, your event control can keep an eye on how many competitors are left out on the course at any time.
  • Our system supports live map integration, which is great for the tracking of participants!
  • Got some last-minute entries? Don’t panic, we have event registration options for late entries and recording those who have ‘signed in’
  • Give your competitors something to hang on the wall with a fully customisable certificate for finishers