Online Entry

Online Entry

Results Base offer a comprehensive online entry system for our customers. Handling tens of thousands of entries a month, we believe our custom-designed entry system offers the best set of features and services available on the market.

We've designed our system from the ground up, in order to be as versatile, configurable and user friendly as possible. Our competitive pricing makes this a first class service offering for your race or event. And, because it is our system and not some generic shopping cart, we can customise and tailor it to meet your needs if required.

What can you expect from our online service?

  • A fully managed service with multiple customisable web pages (eg Entry, Terms and Conditions, Supplementary info, Participants) and a branded receipt per event
  • A system hosted on Amazon’s scalable cloud servers for maximum availability
  • Optional automated queuing system to manage the opening day rush
  • Event entry can be limited by number or date or time
  • Add a location map to your page via Google Maps
  • Instant email receipts which can be customised to include sponsor logos
  • Create tiered pricing schemes for earlybird or late entries
  • Flexible volume discount structure
  • Create voucher codes for special groups or for discounts
  • Ability to ask additional questions way beyond the basics (any questions can be dependent on previous answers)
  • Online store for selling event merchandise or adding charity donations
  • Send emails to registered athletes before and after the event at no charge
  • Secret entry pathways for special pricing or private groups
  • Event entrant database with full back-office administration allowing data to be downloaded at any time
  • Athlete profile system allows entrants to manage and enter multiple people into races with one transaction
  • Upload and include athlete data from other online entry services
  • Web-based management system provides daily or weekly email summary of entries
  • And much more!

Payment security

Our online entry system collects the athlete data but all payment transactions are handled through the ePay payment gateway service across a secure link. This means that athlete card details are never actually stored on our system, only the transaction number and status. Collected funds are held in a separate account and transferred to organisers on an agreed schedule. * The back-office system shows all transactions and charges with daily or weekly email summaries of entries per event.*


The online entry management fee can either be included in the ticket price or shown separately. Our base fee is £1 per entry or 6% and includes VAT if paid by the entrant. There are no charges for the event setup or management and there are no charges for using our email service to communicate with entrants as long as the emails are event related.

Timing option

Once you are a user of our online entry system you automatically have direct access to our LiveTiming service so, for low-cost / low volume events where our chip timing services may not be appropriate, you can still deliver a full online timing and results experience to the competitor. For many of our organisers in this category we bundle in the online entry booking fee and the timing cost into a single charge so that the entrant pays for both services and as an organiser you pay one single setup fee to get both.

Obviously, with regular sized events we would love to also be able to quote you for our chip timing services and for our event support services including customised bib number production, race packs and more.