Leicester Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant Club
513:15:07Mike Yew
523:15:26Paul Harwood
533:16:29Jonathan Carter
543:16:48Kirstie Elliot
553:17:13Jayson Grygiel
563:17:44Damian Ings
573:18:39Gus Lagonell
583:18:46Chris Sherwood
593:18:49Richard Weston
603:19:06Richard Gibbs
613:19:16Scott Eaton
623:19:26Andrew Phillips
633:19:55Steven Rye
643:20:08Chris Duncalfe
653:20:18Richard Frost
663:20:32Phil Vibert
673:20:57Dom Oddy
683:21:11Andrew Speechly
693:21:35Matthew Gayton
703:21:39Dipesh Dhimar
713:22:41Craig Sherratt
723:22:47Kevin Brocklehurst
733:22:52Dean McCoy
743:23:09Mika Mihell
753:23:18David Frankland
763:23:21Mike Adam
773:24:33Alastair Maher
783:25:19Gary Window
793:25:45Ben Maskell
803:25:47Gav Meadows
813:25:50Matthew Brown
823:26:02Natalie Bhangal
833:26:04Dan Janes
843:26:25Mark Hazle
853:27:05Mark Norris
863:27:31Alan Griffiths
873:28:05Stephen Daniel
883:28:20Mark Fowell
893:28:42Jay Dacey
903:28:45Bill Leslie
913:28:52Andy Smith
923:29:02Edmund Wallace
933:29:05Martin Schmidbaur
943:29:06Tom Stayte
953:30:09Mark Shaw
963:30:14David Chetta
973:30:26Edward Dymoke
983:30:31James Finn
993:30:35Nigel Swepson
1003:30:41Alan Mackie

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