Leicester Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant Club
1013:30:46Shafiq Khan
1023:30:53Kathryn Evans
1033:31:05Graham Grewcock
1043:31:10Tim Holt
1053:31:44Simon Macer-Wright
1063:31:53Colin Halliday
1073:32:06Roderick Cantrill
1083:32:07Oliver Coleman
1093:32:13Neil Kirwin
1103:32:48Dan Valencia
1113:33:02George Polglass
1123:33:22Russell Horne
1133:33:27Russell Codd
1143:33:35Scott Cannon
1153:33:39Paul Cutts
1163:34:04Hubert Lechat
1173:34:08Andrew Hurd
1183:34:09Guy Watson
1193:34:09Ketan Mistry
1203:34:19Luke Martino
1213:34:31Paul Craig
1223:34:46Maximilian Taylor
1233:34:55Thomas Hughes
1243:34:56Matthew Beard
1253:35:16Michael Quinn
1263:35:20Andrew Brunjes
1273:35:24Jurijs Bormanis
1283:35:30Richard Campbell
1293:36:05Duane Daugherty
1303:36:05Lee Curson
1313:36:31Chris Teear
1323:36:35Helen James
1333:36:49Bhavin Patel
1343:37:24Enda Brady
1353:37:52Laurence Justin
1363:37:55Steve Hickingbottom
1373:38:10Dominic Scott
1383:38:18Stuart Humber
1393:38:20Peter Worthington
1403:38:26Goran Tasic
1413:38:35Dennis Smith
1423:38:51David John Ball
1433:39:45Guy Schmidt
1443:39:47Jason Williams
1453:40:17Nick Cook
1463:40:18Gavin Midcley
1473:40:19Stuart Hutchinson
1483:40:25Rush Yadave
1493:40:55Callum Knapp
1503:41:06Marc Draycott

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