Norfolk Super Hero Challenge 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
515:15:11Ben Tysterman
525:15:12Will Tysterman
535:16:22Howard Olby
545:16:23Alex Gladstone
555:21:01Kyle Staples
565:21:01Jamie Staples
575:21:51Stephen Doble
585:21:52Dickon Leigh-wood
595:22:02Tom Mollo
605:22:02James Duckworth Chad
615:26:59Louis Clabburn
625:26:59James Bracey
635:27:25Simon Thompson
645:27:25Nick Allpress
655:27:36Richard Patrick
665:27:36Colin Hazell
675:29:22Mark Bottomley
685:29:22Jeremy Wells
695:29:22Rob Devey
705:29:23Adam Hartley
715:30:16Marcus Hoare
725:30:18Rupert Staines
735:31:27Pete Naylor
745:31:28Ben Jackson
755:35:27Johnny Robinson
765:35:28Sean Elliott
775:37:06Stephen Langlois
785:37:06John Holt
795:38:25Jeremy Lovell
805:38:25Ali Wallace
815:41:08Paul Fletcher
825:41:09Alistair Shaw
835:41:11Mark Lapping
845:41:12Simon Wilson-stephens
855:44:12Matt Wooldridge
865:44:13Christopher Molteno
875:45:06Matt Dillon
885:45:06Lauchlan Maclean-bristol
895:47:40Richard Woodward
905:47:40Iain White
915:50:18David Hunter
925:50:18Adam Case
935:52:51Tim Stone
945:52:51Charles Miller
955:52:52Simon Wren
965:52:52John Hamilton
975:55:34Richard Muncer
985:55:34Tom Salter
995:56:35Dominic Buscall
1005:56:35Hugo Worlsey

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