Holkham 10K 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
3511:02:18Johanna Potter
3521:02:23Alan Miller
3531:02:32Jacqui Saunders
3541:02:36Laura Button
3551:02:37Beth Bell
3561:02:38Lesley Mfazwe
3571:02:39Natalie King
3581:02:44Chloe Harcourt
3591:02:47Chloe Wright
3601:02:48Stephen Winfield
3611:02:49Rebecca Floyd
3621:02:55Helen Alefounder
3631:02:56Sue Meadows
3641:02:57John Crowley
3651:03:06Carl Newman
3661:03:07Justina Newman
3671:03:17Karen Cassell
3681:03:18Keith Beswick
3691:03:29David Tickle
3701:03:29Kerry Smith
3711:03:38Hannah Cann
3721:03:42Maria Farrant
3731:03:42Debbie Castellan
3741:03:45Patricia Woodwards
3751:03:55Aga Cobb
3761:03:55Chris Webb
3771:03:57Jen Rotella
3781:03:58Laura Morris
3791:03:59Nicola Stead
3801:03:59Linda Carroll-Doggrell
3811:04:00Jenny Took
3821:04:02Paul Blake
3831:04:02Joanna Bakewell
3841:04:03Cynthia Neldner
3851:04:06Tonya Hassell
3861:04:07Sally Davenport
3871:04:07Matthew Dyer
3881:04:08Jo Challinor
3891:04:09Hilary Peachment
3901:04:11Mavis Thomson
3911:04:11Kirsty Lack
3921:04:13Alex Jones
3931:04:20Ceridwen Howell
3941:04:31Kay Montandon
3951:04:34Emma Howe
3961:04:36Carl Howe
3971:04:39Kitty Rosser
3981:04:46Andrew Billinghurst
3991:04:48John Collinge
4001:04:49Mia Linehan

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.