The Newark Half Marathon 2018

977 participants

Bibno. Participant CategoryDistance
900Abbie Marston(F) V35Half Marathon
116Adam Clubbe(M) SENHalf Marathon
558Adam Dalton(M) V35Half Marathon
727Adam Dalton(M) SENHalf Marathon
599Adam Krause(M) V35Half Marathon
825Adam Robinson(M) SENHalf Marathon
201Adam Stephenson(M) V35Half Marathon
816Adam Summers(M) SENHalf Marathon
783Adele Hough(F) SENHalf Marathon
20Adrian Atter(M) V45Half Marathon
136Adrian Dix(M) V45Half Marathon
798Adrian Stewart(M) V45Half Marathon
611Adrian Wilson(M) V45Half Marathon
753Adrian Wood(M) V40Half Marathon
763Ahuan Wang(F) V65Half Marathon
135Alan Percival(M) V50Half Marathon
498Alan Walker(M) V35Half Marathon
706Alan Young(M) V55Half Marathon
445Alex Conner(M) V40Half Marathon
265Alex Dixon(M) SENHalf Marathon
446Alex Hurst(M) V45Half Marathon
536Alex Parker(M) V35Half Marathon
647Alex Pickwell(M) SENHalf Marathon
427Alex Tinsley(M) SENHalf Marathon
204Alexander O'leary(M) SENHalf Marathon
420Alexandra Emery(F) SENHalf Marathon
516Alexandra Paine(F) V45Half Marathon
109Alice Carter(F) SENHalf Marathon
Alison Bell(F) All Ages2k Fun Run
36Alison Saunders(F) V35Half Marathon
479Alistair Bell(M) V40Half Marathon
434Alistair Chambers(M) V55Half Marathon
918Alistair Dales(M) V35Half Marathon
527Alistair Steele(M) SENHalf Marathon
367Amanda Raven(F) V45Half Marathon
Amelia Bird(F) All Ages2k Fun Run
455Amy Annetts(F) SENHalf Marathon
518Amy Scott(F) V35Half Marathon
209Amy Williams(F) SENHalf Marathon
619Andrew Barron(M) V35Half Marathon
568Andrew Bayliss(M) V50Half Marathon
505Andrew Bird(M) V40Half Marathon
722Andrew Byram(M) V45Half Marathon
419Andrew Carroll(M) V40Half Marathon
369Andrew Garlick(M) V55Half Marathon
159Andrew Hursthouse(M) V35Half Marathon
771Andrew Jones(M) V45Half Marathon
687Andrew Jungwirth(M) V45Half Marathon
736Andrew Mcintosh(M) V45Half Marathon
737Andrew Mcleod(M) V55Half Marathon

Number: 977

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