20 August 2020 -
30 September 2020

Run The World

1st – 30th September

Stage Two - Africa and The Middle East

Stage Two begins where Stage One left off in Turkey, before taking us on a tour of some of the ancient wonders in the Middle East. We then embark on a magnificent tour of the African continent, visiting everything from bustling Morrocan markets in Marrakech, to the incredible Serengeti National Park.
There's so much to see and thus Stage Two is our one of our longest stages covering a huge 29,022km, from the Pyramids at Giza in the north, all the way to the Cape of Good Hope in the south. Along the way we'll pass many areas famous for wildlife safaris with gorrilas, tigers, lions, elephants, flamingos and much, much more! As our journey through Africa comes to end we finish Stage Two when we reach Kaaba, Mecca; the religious pilgrimage site visiting by millions every single year for Hajj.

Looping through almost every single European country, Stage One covers 22,256 km (13,829 miles) as it winds through both the Pyrenees and the Alps before heading north through Scandinavia. As we reach Russia we turn back southwards down through Eastern Europe with the stage eventually coming to an end at the impressive Anitkabir Mausoleum in Ankara.

Our team tracking map (see below) will be updated regularly so that you can see just how far the ‘Run The World’ team has made it around the route at any given time. As we progress, the landmarks below will light up to mark our achievements as we go. Please note that activity uploads are not instantaneous. Your personal total should update relatively quickly, but the team total (and the live progress map) will only refresh every few hours.

Stage Three starts back up in Saudi Arabia before heading out through Asia and all the way into Australia!

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