20 August 2020 -
30 September 2020

Run The World

1st – 30th September

Stage Five - West USA & South America

Stage Five finally sees us on US soil as we pick up where Stage Four left off in the Canadian mountains. Making our way down the Western coast of the USA we'll run past some of the most iconic sights that America has to offer, from the architectural Golden Gate Bridge to the natural wonder of The Grand Canyon. Once we've past Las Vegas we head south through Mexico and Panama to reach South America where our goal markers include the incredible ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, as well the towering statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janero.

Stage Five is our second longest stage at over 27,000km long, and runs up through the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest before finishing at the tallest waterfall in the world in Venezuela: Angel Falls.

Our team tracking map will be updated regularly so that you can see just how far the ‘Run The World’ team has made it around the route at any given time. As we progress, the landmarks below will light up to mark our achievements as we go. Please note that activity uploads are not instantaneous. Your personal total should update relatively quickly, but the team total (and the live progress map) will only refresh every few hours.

Stage Six will pick up back in Venezuela as we make our way back through the US and Canada and all the way back home to the UK!

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