20 August 2020 -
5 October 2020

Run The World

1st – 30th September

Stage Six - The Long Road Home
East USA, Canada, Greenland, and the UK!


After running almost all the way around the world, it's time to head home. At the end of Stage Five we were stranded at Angel Falls, in Venezuela. Stage Six sees us promptly head north for a quick jaunt around the Carribean islands before returning to US soil in Florida with a visit to Walt Disney World. We'll follow the eastern coastline northwards with some big city breaks lined up as we make for the Lincoln Memorial and The White House in Washington DC. We'll stop for lunch in Central Park, New York, before visiting Niagara Falls on the Canadian border in the afternoon.

Then it's time to properly head home as we pick our way through the wilderness of Northern Canada and Baffin Island, before heading east across the glacial fjords of Greenland and into Iceland.

Stage Six marks the last part of our journey round the world, and is our shortest stage at 18,767km in length. But there's still plenty to see! When we finally return home we'll complete a victory lap of the UK and Ireland, showcasing some of the best home sights we have to offer back in Blighty. The finish line on Victoria Park completes our Run The World circuit that we started back on Stage One, and reflects the finish line of the original Leicester Marathon, cancelled this year due to Coronavirus.

Our team tracking map will be updated regularly so that you can see just how far the ‘Run The World’ team has made it around the route at any given time. As we progress, the landmarks below will light up to mark our achievements as we go. Please note that activity uploads are not instantaneous. Your personal total should update relatively quickly, but the team total (and the live progress map) will only refresh every few hours.

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