Race for Life Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
1514:39:47Sue Moody
1524:39:50Jillian Holloway
1534:39:53Laura Liaukonyte
1544:39:58Shannon Rowe-Allen
1554:40:01Sarah Beach
1564:41:06Juliet Cornelius-Rumsey
1574:41:22Lauren Piercy
1584:41:54Julie Hargreaves
1594:42:02Rhian Watts
1604:42:09Heather Lowman-Riggs
1614:42:24Aimee Mappley
1624:42:24Victoria Spring
1634:42:30Janet Pang
1644:42:33Amy Brancalion
1654:42:35Lucy Brancalion
1664:42:49Natalie Benson
1674:42:49Harveena Philpott
1684:43:10Fran Broadhurst
1694:43:25Karen Brewster
1704:43:31Rachel Taylor
1714:43:41Carole Richardson
1724:44:16Sensev El-Ahmadi
1734:45:41Elizabeth Bishop
1744:46:09Lisa Jay
1754:46:27Lucy Bromley
1764:46:45Sue Round
1774:46:48Karen Tolley
1784:46:48Vicki Crossley
1794:47:12Emma Restall
1804:47:13Tara Stepney
1814:47:22Julia Berry
1824:48:54Kat Miller
1834:48:57Carmela Mchugh
1844:49:17Gemma Walder
1854:49:24Susan Reader
1864:50:31Bethan Reeves
1874:50:54Sinead Mowatt
1884:50:54Angela Rowe
1894:51:15Emma Penfold
1904:51:17Justine Mensa-Bonsu
1914:51:33Rosemary Bailey
1924:51:37Emma Davies
1934:51:41Narindra Hughes
1944:51:45Beth Pidd
1954:51:53Rohanna Hawksworth
1964:52:38Loredana Laera
1974:52:47Babz Kedge
1984:53:00Stephanie Holmes
1994:53:04Melanie Darwent
2004:53:05Kerry Daly

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: equipment&suppliers@cancer.org.uk

07881 825684