Chip timeParticipant
5:03:19Chris Stamp
4:42:50Mark Stanton
-Paul Stephens
5:22:11Thomas Stephenson
4:12:40Colin Stevenson
4:34:24Dan Stewart
4:01:31Mark Stickland
5:08:40Charlie Stirrup
5:57:34Michael Stock
4:29:14Pete Stock
4:44:29Luke Stonier
5:26:19Jamie Strangeways
-Harvey Stroh
5:56:14Brian Sullivan
6:48:20Peter Sullivan
5:22:26Paul Summerell
5:39:17Paul Sumner
5:11:04Andrew Sutton
4:03:07John Sutton
4:37:54John Sutton
6:06:34Andy Swift
4:56:20David Swift
4:11:02Daryl Tacon
6:00:01Azzam Taktak
6:00:27Charlie Taktak
4:35:21Richard Talbot
3:50:57Adam Taylor
6:05:39Alan Taylor
4:14:52Andrew Taylor
4:57:12David Taylor
4:22:53Dean Taylor
4:46:23Edward Taylor
3:16:17John Taylor
5:48:14Lucy Taylor
4:38:24Martin Taylor
5:48:11Michael Taylor
4:46:20Miranda Taylor
4:20:33Neil Taylor
5:01:48P Taylor
6:04:10Pauline Taylor
3:58:19Wayne Taylor
5:15:27James Tebbs
4:14:49Jason Teens
3:59:45Melvyn Thistlethwaite
3:00:27Chris Thomas
5:17:11Charlie Thompson
5:28:42Ellie Thompson
-Graham Thompson
6:08:35Patrick Thomson
4:45:13Steven Thorp

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