Chip timeParticipant
4:38:28Matthew Roberts
4:40:57Mike Roberts
4:21:38Steve Roberts
4:37:13Ciaran Robinson
4:07:39David Robinson
4:54:45Jim Rodger
4:54:40Matthew Rodger
3:48:18Kevin Rogers
4:19:10Tim Rogers
3:36:30Peter Rogerson
5:25:11Simon Rose
4:50:58Darren Rouse
5:49:38Nathan Routledge
6:32:24Robert Rowland
4:29:44Mark Royle
4:43:36Michael Rudd
4:05:00Bernadette Rudman
5:01:46Peter Russell
4:56:53Michael Rutter
5:37:48Anthony Ryder
5:34:25Anil Sahin
4:39:28Craig Scott
5:18:05Craig Scott
5:18:05Deb Scott
4:46:00Jon Scott
5:15:08Kevin Scott
5:16:45Jennifer Scoular
4:40:41Tracy Seeley
3:40:53Brian Seward
5:23:05Stephen Shanks
4:39:57Suzanne Sharp
4:56:46Garry Shimmings
3:27:58David Shirley
4:36:17Katie Simm
4:28:26Mike Simms
5:07:49John Sleightholme
4:07:03Gavin Smith
3:29:18James Smith
4:58:06Lara Smith
3:59:20Malcolm Smith
5:04:18Nick Smith
4:52:32Peter Smith
4:16:22Robert Smith
4:42:59Steve Smith
5:09:07Shaun Smythe
4:18:34Malcolm Spalding
4:19:35Mick Sparrow
4:11:09Neil Spence
6:17:01Lisa Stafford
6:40:44Paul Stafford

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