Pos.Finish time Participant
10156:23Neil Skene
10256:44Elaine Fyvie
10356:46Nick Moran
10456:49Keith Reid
10556:55Lorraine Potts
10657:02Callum Scott
10757:06Brian Paterson
10857:13Tamsin Brett
10957:15Stephanie Fergusson
11057:26Sandra Hastie
11257:44Gary Mortimer
11357:48Ruth Petrie
11357:48Katie Watters
11557:51Robert Kidd
11657:56Sarah Onukwuli
11757:59Emma Arundel
11858:01Kim Paterson
11958:07Louise Alford
12058:21Lnda Silcocks
12158:47Barry Scott
12259:05Anne Gunn
12359:06Elaine Bremner
12459:08Julie Elrick
12559:10Fergus Boyle
12659:16Andrew Kindness
12759:18Graham Baldwin
12859:20Hilary N Forbes
12959:23Michelle Gibb
13059:26Patricia Conder
13159:29Ingrid Stewart
13259:45Mandy Whyte
13359:56Barry Booth
1341:00:11Jan Maclean
1351:00:21Cara Hay
1361:00:25Loretta Gray
1371:00:27Kirsteen Donald
1381:00:29Paul Bate
1391:00:34Nikki Hill
1401:00:35Lynne Towler
1411:00:36Darlene Dent
1421:00:40Vinny Spice
1431:00:45Francesca Ingram
1441:00:47Vanessa Reeley
1451:00:57Craig Bowden
1461:01:02Cara Mackenzie
1471:01:04Imogen Dey
1481:01:05Jackie Cowe
1491:01:33Audrey Mcminn
1501:01:38Lesley Forrest

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: happyhowden@googlemail.com

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