Pos.Finish time Participant
1511:02:05Joanne O'Connor
1521:02:07Leigh Hebenton
1531:02:09Barry Wareing
1541:02:14Gayle Cameron
1551:02:17Jill Pirie
1561:02:24Pauline Scott
1571:02:56Petra Walker
1581:03:00Kathryn Trim
1591:03:22Charles Dawson
1601:03:56Kerry Anderson
1611:03:57Angie Sim
1621:04:27Scott Donald
1631:04:28Shona Clarke
1631:04:28Kristi Wellburn
1651:04:30Evelyn Elrick
1661:04:42Jennifer Stewart
1671:04:48Bruce Grant
1681:04:52Alison Elder
1691:05:00Sarah Strachan
1701:05:07Roy Stuart
1711:05:09Leslie Murison
1721:05:20John Taylor
1731:05:24Laura Thomson
1741:05:35Paul MacDonald
1751:05:41Wendy Gault
1761:05:45Sue Rodwell
1771:06:05Laura Macgill
1781:06:34Lisa Strachan
1791:07:03Claire Murray
1801:07:06Marlene Mitchell
1811:07:30Lorna Duncan
1821:07:38Lauren Polson
1831:07:57John Fraser
1841:07:58Karen Dey
1851:08:00Michelle Smith
1861:08:05Holly Leslie
1871:08:08Judy Leslie
1881:08:12Naomi Hutcheon
1891:08:33Rhona Dent
1901:08:58Alix Parley
1911:09:01Karin Hill
1921:09:04Susan Lamont
1931:09:36Pauline Drummond
1941:09:39Gillian Jones
1951:09:49Kevin Martin
1961:10:24Michelle Nicoll
1971:10:28Aaron Dent
1981:10:34Claire Gordon
1991:10:43Gemma Collins
2001:10:44Terri Walker

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: happyhowden@googlemail.com

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