Pos.Finish time Participant
2011:10:46Wendy Newcombe
2021:10:47Tony Jones
2031:11:18ian keith
2041:12:41Lindsay Bruce
2051:12:49Amanda M Maclean
2061:12:58Anne Havlin
2071:13:15nicola ewen
2081:13:28Amanda Allan
2091:13:40Robin Taylor
2101:14:11Mel Steel
2111:16:00Sarah Murray
2121:16:04Bryony Skinner
2131:17:04Mary Louise Thomson
2141:17:12Ann Stephen
2151:18:04Kirsty Mackinnon
2161:18:06Jennifer Fraser
2161:18:06Josina Robson
2181:18:42Mike Mollins
2191:21:53Laura Murray
2201:24:50Julie Love
2211:26:59Ashleigh Mackay
2221:27:01Maggie Riach
2231:27:04Susan Dunbar
2241:28:39Morag Stark
2251:28:43Sharon Hassan
2261:28:45Jennifer Rees-Jenkins
2271:30:07Raymond Mowat
2281:30:13Vanessa Black
--Iain Donald

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